Our Mission

To create a stress-free experience for every customer by delivering an experience unlike any other. With quality, professionalism and enthusiasm, we will enhance the appearance of your home and workplace by giving them a charming and refined look you’ll be sure to love for years to come.

At Elevation Painting, we believe that a bit of color can make a huge difference to the appearance of any place and anything. An exterior paint job for your home/ office can refine the appeal of your house and leave a long-lasting first impression. Adding a bit of color to the interior of a residence can add a sense of style while reflecting your taste and personality. We believe by being loyal and reliable at all costs, we can enhance the lives of our clients, vendors, and our employees. Building relationships while elevating your space is our passion.

Our Vision

Our aim is to be the leading commercial, residential, and industrial painting service provider in Colorado.

We are a company that aims to provide painting and renovation services of the highest quality. Thanks to the hard work of our project managers, supervisors, and technicians, over the past few years we have grown into a renowned commercial and residential painting company across Colorado. We began with the vision of providing services that adhere to our customer’s standards and render complete satisfaction.

Whether our projects are home-based, commercial or industrial, ‘customer satisfaction’ is always our primary goal.

Our Values

We don’t only talk about values, we try our best to live up to them and administer them throughout every project

Deliver What We Promise

The promise that we make to our customers is our first priority. From the time consumed to the budget of your project, we keep our word.

Aim for Customer Satisfaction

Customer happiness and satisfaction is the heart of our services. We aim to deliver the results that are the mirror image of your expectations.

Practice Continuous Improvement

Just like technology, trends also evolve. We have a reputation of having a modern and trendy outlook for all our projects.

Here’s What Makes Us Different from Other Companies

Trusted Painters

No matter what type of project we get, we have experience with choosing the best painters for our individual projects. Unlike other companies, our painters are all in house employees’ hand-selected and go through a quality vetting process. Continued training keeps our entire team up to date with the current breakthroughs with the industries advancements. Our rules are as clear as our values, if you don’t meet our working standards and you fail to uphold our customer satisfaction rate then you will not be a part of our platform.

Customer-friendly pricing

The budget we calculate for our clients strictly depends on the types of their projects. The pricing is decided with respect to the size of the area and its condition. Unlike other painting companies, we don’t provide vague estimates that are prone to change.

Smooth and Efficient Process

We have a very simple onboarding process for our customers. We believe that the simpler our procedures, the smoother and efficient they are to execute. Expert consultation, preparation, clean-up, tax, no hidden fees, everything is kept transparent and efficient.

100% Accountability

We hold ourselves accountable for all the services that we provide as well as for the price match guarantee. In case you’re not satisfied, we promise to improve the quality of our work. Furthermore, if you find another more insured painting company that can offer the same work for less money, we will match our price.

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